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Leverage AI and ML to solve problems and discover new opportunities. With AI and ML-driven insights, generate new revenue streams, predict the future, automate tedious tasks, identify cost reduction opportunities and optimize processes.

The Aerospace and Defense vertical is a critical sector. It requires comprehensive compliance and efficient process management to cater to the diverse needs of its consumers-be it individual or Government agencies. This calls for harmonized data-driven decisions that propel growth and achieve operational efficiency.

To keep up with the change in user requirements, and to cater to the emerging complex business needs, Hi-Tech industries need to shift from legacy technologies to an agile operational model. This helps in accelerating growth and offers better operational management to align with the current market conditions.

Microexcel resolves challenges in the Aerospace and Defense sector

Disparate Data

Disparate systems for core and extended operations in the Aerospace and Defense industry hinders access to a single version of truth

A unified data platform helps organizations better manage data and traceability, making way for better data driven insights


Complex and dependent Supply Chains

Complex supply chain processes that are heavily dependent on external factors such as volatile procurement costs, shrinking budgets and supplier constraints impede your operational efficiency

A tightly integrated and adaptive supply chain process helps in meeting your precise requirements

Regulatory Provisions

The Aerospace and Defense vertical requires absolute compliance with current regulatory norms across all processes, which also includes Cybersecurity

A comprehensive solution environment that ensures adherence to regulatory norms across all processes help organizations reduce the risks of non-compliance to prescribed norms such as DFARS

Designing Complex Products

Designing complex products and innovations is the major driver to success in the Aerospace and Defense vertical and is often impeded by legacy technologies and processes

Our solutions help you better manage your R&D activities by leveraging best industry practices to achieve accelerated growth and efficiency

What Microexcel offers

Microexcel offers a complete set of SAP solutions for the Aerospace and Defense vertical, designed to help in better data management, ensure compliance and end-user safety. Our solutions take care of the entire lifecycle of Aerospace and Defense operational processes-right from procurement, product innovation, sales, distribution, and aftersales support.

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution for your Aerospace and Defense industry, Microexcel is your trusted technology partner to help you optimize and automate your operational processes and ensure complete compliance. Our solutions deal with the entire lifecycle of procurement, manufacturing, supply chain networking, inventory and warehouse management, sales, and aftermarket services.

Do contact us for your custom requirements and get the benefit of transformative changes with our solutions.

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