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Streamlining data for efficient insights

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Leverage AI and ML to solve problems and discover new opportunities. With AI and ML-driven insights, generate new revenue streams, predict the future, automate tedious tasks, identify cost reduction opportunities and optimize processes.

Are you stuck with copious amounts of unstructured business data and legacy operational processes, which reduce the scope and performance of your SAP BI analytics solutions?

If so, you need to rationalize your data to eliminate unwanted data and get optimal performance from your technology landscape-leading to better analytics.

The Best Approach towards Analytics Rationalization



Understanding the usefulness of your reports, schedules, and instances. This phase also involves optimizing the data universes across the SAP environment.

Users and Groups

Identifying active users and groups with the SAP BI Environment and eliminating inactive users, associated permissions, and unnecessary groups.


This phase involves determining the user licenses, checking user activity patterns and concurrent sessions, and optimizing the number of required licenses.


This phase involves rationalizing the Business Object server, CMS as a Service, Job Server, and other hardware components to ensure that they work in optimal workload and are not over or underutilized.

If you see your business analytics getting affected by a lack of required optimization and rationalization, contact us for a custom solution to help you better your SAP BI environment and benefit from your SAP Environment.

Why Rationalize Data?

As businesses expand their technology stack to meet their emerging requirements, BI and reporting often face challenges from disparate data sources and unstructured data, negatively impacting process efficacy and reliability.
Rationalizing your current SAP BI landscape is the foremost process in Right-Sizing your analytics. The method of Right-Sizing involves three steps-Rationalize, Reduce, and Restructure.
The foremost process-Rationalizing involves identifying what is necessary and what is not in your Content, Users, Licenses, and Infrastructure and taking steps to implement the derived changes from the exercise. It also involves capturing Metadata about all operational processes and deriving rationalization insights from them.

What Microexcel offers

Microexcel offers a comprehensive Analytics Rationalization for businesses that need optimal data and analytics management.

Our structured approach to Analytics Rationalization ensures that you get the desired benefits from Right-Sizing your SAP environment and accelerates your path towards better analytics leading to improved data-driven decisions.

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