Business Process Intelligence

Performance evaluation through real-time visibility into business processes

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Leverage AI and ML to solve problems and discover new opportunities. With AI and ML-driven insights, generate new revenue streams, predict the future, automate tedious tasks, identify cost reduction opportunities and optimize processes.

One of the essential practices for businesses across various verticals and sizes is Business Process Management (BPM). BPM solutions provide insights into the performance of various operational processes and help in identifying areas of improvement.

However, existing solutions often have limited capabilities in process improvement, which is essential to optimizing processes. SAP Business Process Intelligence is a unified solution that analyzes and enhances the operational processes to drive performance efficiency.

Key Benefits


Improve Customer Experience

Create and Analyze customer experience models and improve touchpoints to better align with customer interactions.

Leverage Process Mining

Get the advantage of in-depth process analysis for bringing in transformative changes, such as for S/4HANA migration.

Scalability and Simulation

Easily scale existing processes and simulate their performance for planning for the future.

Derive Hidden and Complex Insights

Deep drive into operational data and unlock complex insights that enable better process improvement.

Better Workflow Management

Get extended visibility and control over your operational processes and create new optimal workflows easily without coding them.

SAP Business Process Intelligence

SAP Business Process Intelligence fills the gap between analysis and improvement with a unified suite that enables identification and rectification of existing processes to accurately align with your business goals.
The suite also includes BPM administrative capabilities for accurate governance of business processes. SAP Business Process Intelligence Suite is a complete solution for end-to-end operational process management and drives your journey towards an intelligent enterprise.

What Microexcel offers

Microexcel, an SAP Solution partner, offers custom solutions for implementing SAP Business Process Intelligence for your business. Get the advantage of identifying ways to optimize your existing processes and improving them for greater efficiency.

To know more about how you can stand to benefit, contact us and we would be glad to help.

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