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As businesses generate vast amounts of operational and transactional data, data consistency, accuracy, and reliability are critical challenges for effectively managing and using the Master data.

You can mitigate these challenges by consolidating the disparate data and having a unified source of accurate data by implementing a Master Data Strategy.

Benefits of Master Data Strategy


Data Consolidation

Get the benefit of large consolidated volumes of data by integrating SAP and third-party data into a single trusted version.

Data Accuracy

Improve data accuracy by optimized data models that preserve the integrity of all your Master Data.

Unified Governance

Have a single trusted source of your data, easily accessible for all your users with on-prem, cloud, or hybrid deployment models.

Analytics for Data Quality

Validate and manage business rules that confirm the readiness of your Master Data with built-in analytics that give insights on Master Data Management.

Automated Workflows

Built-in automated workflows for creating and updating Master Data enable better data management. You can also create audit trails for tracking data change requests.

Reduced TCO

Benefit from reduced data management costs and improved operational processes by implementing Master Data Governance in your SAP landscape.

Master Data Governance in SAP

SAP Master Data Governance is the industry’s first data governance application enabling enterprises to consolidate, harmonize, manage, and enrich Master Data by a centralized process.
It integrates with SAP Information Steward and Data Services for a comprehensive governance mechanism across different LOB’s, data rules, and other business domains.
SAP Master Data Governance is offered for SAP S/4HANA, apart from a scalable cloud-hosted edition.

What Microexcel offers

Microexcel, an SAP Solution partner, offers custom Master Data solutions for your business needs, enabling you to leverage the complete benefits of the SAP Master Data Governance suite. Benefit from easy management of your existing data and improve efficiency, accuracy, and operational processes.

To know more about how this can work for your business, contact us, and we would be glad to help.

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