R&D and Engineering

R&D innovation fueled by technology solutions

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Leverage AI and ML to solve problems and discover new opportunities. With AI and ML-driven insights, generate new revenue streams, predict the future, automate tedious tasks, identify cost reduction opportunities and optimize processes.

Dynamic customer requirements require agile innovation fueled by a dedicated Research and Development (R&D) process.

The need to efficiently manage product or service innovation is a challenge that businesses constantly face. The lack of a proper technology solution or dependence on legacy systems often deters businesses from optimally managing their R&D lifecycle.

Current State and Challenges with Legacy R&D Management Solutions

Increased_time Increased time to market for newer products
Lifecycle Lack of efficient product lifecycle management features
Complex_usability Complex usability that increases the time and resource dependence
Comprehensive_analytics Lack of comprehensive analytics that gives the required insights
Integration Integration challenges with modern technology platforms
Collaboration Difficulties in collaboration across various teams

What SAP offers

SAP offers a comprehensive R&D and engineering suite that enables businesses to manage their product or service innovation better. It caters to the entire lifecycle of the R&D process, ensuring better management and faster time to market for better customer engagement.

The solution gives you complete control over finances and logistics, resource management, demand and capacity analysis and the required product standards for compliance requirements. It enables optimal traceability for enterprise data and offers better control of requirements-driven processes.

Why Choose us

Our solutions take care of the complete lifecycle of SAP R&D solutions, right from requirements analysis, planning, preparing solution roadmap, configuration, deployment, and training.

We also ensure that you have the required support after deploying the solution, apart from training your end-users on the solution.

What Microexcel offers

Microexcel, an SAP partner, offers custom SAP R&D Solutions that better manage your product innovation, reengineering and production processes. It optimizes existing processes and ensures that your R&D efforts are streamlined and easily accessible. Our decade-long experience in delivering SAP solutions across various verticals is backed by an expert team of SAP developers, ensuring that you meet your specific business objectives.

If you are looking for a perfect solution partner for your SAP R&D requirements, get in touch and see how we can make a difference.

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